Michael Schiffhorst grew up in Bielefeld vis-a-vis the dark edge of Teutoburger Wald.

After beeing introduced to photography by his grandfather, who documented his travels and family-life with his Voigtländer, landscapes naturally became his first photographic objects.

A few hundred exposed films later he had the opportunity to do his first b&w prints in the darkroom the father of a friend had set up in his basement. Seeing the picture emerge on a piece of white paper with the help of just a few smelly chemicals had a deep impact on him - a life-changing experience!

In the late 90s Michael moved to Cologne and soon began a practical year in the studio of advertising photographer Jo Kirchherr.

After gaining some further experience by doing assistant jobs for various other photographers he is now working as a freelancer.

Despite the fact that he also uses digital equipment Michael still enjoys working oldschool – using films, chemicals and paper.





Upcoming exhibitions


Offene Ateliers (linksrheinisch Nord)

Ateliergemeinschaft Refugium

Lichtstraße 46

50823 Köln


September 21st/22nd 2019, Sat. 16pm - 20pm, Sun. 14pm - 18pm



Past exhibitions


Kunstroute Köln-Ehrenfeld, Ateliergemeinschaft Refugium. May 4th/5th 2019

Still, Kaffebud Ehrenfeld, Köln. September / October 2016

Industrial Wasteland, Jack in the box, Köln. April 16th - May 16th 2008

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